Tuesday Lesson - Join Us!

Tuesday Lesson, 2014 - Join Us!

or join us on Thursdays!

or join us on Thursdays!

Lesson Availability

All lessons are open to new students.  Please e-mail me at cvjuniortennis@gmail.com for additional information.

Lesson Policies 

Class Policy – Each tennis session includes a series of four lessons.

Payment Policy – Payment for the series of four scheduled classes is due on the first day of the four lesson series.  PayPal (the service fee is the responsibility of the payor), cash or check accepted. 

Lesson Cancellation Policy – If you sign up for lessons on a certain day (e.g. Tuesdays), you need to give me seven days notice that your child is no longer going to be enrolled in tennis lessons.  This allows me to find a replacement player so that the other parents will not have to pay an additional fee for a semi-private lesson, rather than a group lesson.  One week cancellation is fair to me and a consideration that you would extend to any small business owner, like a piano teacher or a martial arts instructor.

Rain-Out Policy: If one of the classes in a series has to be cancelled due to rain, there is no charge, and your payment will go to the next class in the series.  For example, if it rains on 12/5, your payment goes toward the class on 12/12, and the series gets extended.

Make-up Lesson Policy – If the student is unable to come to one of the four scheduled lessons, then he or she has three months to make up their missed lesson by attending a make-up lesson in another (i.e., different) class.   Please arrange with me when your student can make up the class.

For example, if a student missed one class scheduled for four Mondays from 4:00-5:00, then they would be able to make up that hour during another scheduled class on any other day and time than Monday from 4:00-5:00, within three months of the missed lesson.

Emergency Information Form: An emergency information form is required for every student taking tennis lessons.  If an accident were to occur, I need to be able to get medical help for your child.  If your e-mail or home address changes, please complete a new form.

Weekly Lesson Fees (see below for Saturday drop-in fees):

  • $60 for four 60 minute group lessons (4+students) =  $15 per hour per student.  Generally, I have a trained assistants help me with a group of eight or more.
  • $80 for four 90 minute group lessons (4+ students) = $20 per 90 minutes per student
  • $80 for four semi-private lessons (three students) =  $20/hour/student
  • $120 for four semi-private lessons (two students) =  $30/hour/student
  • $240 for a series of four private lessons  = $60/hour

NOTE: As a courtesy to the other students in the class and me, please e-mail me if you or your child cannot attend the lesson.  I would greatly appreciate it so I can inform the other students, as well as make alternative lesson plans.

I offer daily, bi-weekly, weekly or bi-monthly lessons, and arrange clinics with other students of similar abilities and ages.

For further information, contact Suzi Mills at suzistennis.com@comcast.net

Recommended Junior Racket Sizes:

21″ – Age 6 and under

23″ – Age 7 – 8

25″ – Age 9-10

27″  – Age 11 and up

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Email: suzi@suzistennis.com
Phone: 510-427-6229

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Suzi just received her certification in Junior Development by Professional Tennis Registry (PTR), the largest global organization of tennis teachers and coaches. A comprehensive four part practical and written examination is used to determine each member's rating. Congratulations Suzi!
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